5 Ways To Upgrade Your Travel Experience

The best part of vacation is the destination. You’ve spent hours online researching the beach, the mountains, the lake, or the canyon. You have the perfect hotel. You have just the right rental car and the perfect travel companions.

The worst part of vacation? Getting there.

An airport lounge can change that experience. What’s provided to you, the traveler, is an oasis in the airport, serenity in the madness that can be the travel portion of the vacation.

These 5 ways will upgrade your travel experience!

1. Stay Connected

Life at home doesn’t stop because you’re abroad. We understand this and have you covered with our private, high-speed WIFI connection. If you want to make sure your house sitter is situated, the Dog Boarding you chose has everything they need, everything in your Smart Home is as it should be, or even catch up on your social media, you don’t have to worry about connection speed or time limits online at Wingtips.

2. Get Recharged

At every seat in Wingtips Lounge, there is an outlet just for you. Gone are the days of being huddled against the wall with two dozen strangers trying to get your cell phone back up to 20% battery life. In our lounge, you can get all of your electronics back to full battery life without having to deal with people skulking around waiting and waiting for you to unplug. No pressure, no crowding, just peace and relaxation.

3. Comfort From The Chaos

Every seat is the perfect space for you to set down your bags and relax. There is no crowded space where you’re banging elbows and bumping knees with your fellow travelers. You have a space that is YOUR space. Kick back and enjoy your travel. There’s no reason to stress when you’re away from the office, this is your time.

4. Dinner, Drinks, and Great Customer Service

Our complimentary food and spirits are a cut above anything else at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. For only $38 dollars you get access to a delicious menu of flatbreads, gourmet cheeses, salads, sandwiches, snacks and desserts to refill your tank while your plane gets refueled. Need a drink to relax and kick your trip off? With an array of complimentary spirits, we can create any cocktail your adventurous heart desires.

5. One Time, or Unlimited Visits

Maybe you take one big vacation a year, maybe two or three weekends away. Or, maybe you get out of town every month. No matter the category you find yourself in, you can find the perfect membership to take your travel from hurried and haggard, to calm, quiet, and worthy of being called a vacation.

Next time you’re in Terminal 2 at STL heading out on Southwest or Wow Airlines, or in JFK‘s Terminal 4, be sure to start your vacation early by visiting Wingtips Lounge. Set the tone for your travel so that every moment you’re away from home is a vacation, and nothing less.

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