3 Airport Lounge Amenities You Didn’t Know About

If you ever need a place to relax during your layover, airport lounges provide all the comfort and convenience a traveler desires. The serene atmosphere and cozy ambiance inside the lounges will make you forget all about the noisy, bustling, crowded airport terminals and bring you into a state of tranquility that’s hard to match.

While there is often an expense associated with lounge access, the advantages outweigh the costs in terms of leisure and productivity. Moreso, many believe that airport lounges are a gamble not worth taking bets on to seek respite from the busy airport terminals. However, beyond the premium amenities offered at lounges, there are a number of hidden amenities that any kind of traveler can enjoy.

These little-known amenities will go a long way to provide the leisure needed to provide the best airport experience!

1.) Peace of Mind

The most valuable thing about an airport lounge is the relief from carrying your bags around everywhere. In New York’s JFK, more than 200 bags were stolen in a day! While it’s important to still keep an eye on your belongings, it’s nice to be able to go to the bathroom, grab a bite to eat, and simply leave your bags without airport security making a fuss over them. Plus, you can feel more confident walking away from your charging phone or your laptop for a few moments.

2.) Private Restrooms

With 243 million travelers traversing through the airport each year, even the most diligent cleaning crews struggle to keep them sparkly clean. Because of the exclusivity of airport lounges, far fewer guests journey into the restrooms and they tend to be much cleaner. Many lounge restrooms have real walls and doors between toilets rather than metal dividers, which add a welcomed level of privacy. They sometimes also offer extra amenities like dental products, combs, and even shoe polishing stations.

3.) Printing Services

Airport lounges like the American Express Centurion Lounge or the Delta Sky Club boast large conference rooms, fast WIFI, large screens, but fail to mention printing services. For a frequent business traveler, the ability to print documents for a meeting or conference while waiting for a flight is essential. We provide members and guests with their own “home office” while traveling for business or pleasure. It’s a simple service that truly goes a long way!

When traveling, you don’t need to sacrifice the comforts of your day-to-day life. Offering an upscale experience in both St. Louis Lambert International Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport, we provide passengers with a valuable suite of services. On top of alleviating the stress of air travel and ensuring a comfortable, relaxing journey with our fabulous amenities, any traveler can experience peace of mind thanks to the hidden amenities at our airport lounge.

Whether you’re an infrequent traveler looking for assistance in navigating the airport, a jet-setter who just wants to get through the airport quickly without the hassles involved, or simply traveling for pleasure and looking for a place to relax during your layover, we have all of your bases covered. The next time you travel through the airport, be sure to book access to a Wingtip Lounge lounge location and make your next airport experience enjoyable.

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